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About the Cast

Get to know more about the Mind Yo' Own Business cast. Here you can learn more about their businesses, personal and home life. Also, if you have any questions for us personally or want to support our businesses, our contact info is below.

Edwina Butler

My name is Edwina and I own two businesses. Yes,
2! I am a grant writer by day and Owner of Pens Plus More, where the priority is getting minorities grant funding.  After business hours you can catch me on my CBD ish and my company Hempo-tizeme will do just that!  I am a wife, mother of two, caretaker and everything in between. Life has thrown some major shots at me and I have managed to always bounce back so just call me “The Comeback Queen” I will always keep it real with those around me and I’m an open book but I don’t have an issue telling you to "
Mind Yo’ Own Business".

Get in Touch:

Pens Plus More


Phone Number: 863-288-0014


Social Media: @pensplusmore



Phone Number: +1 863-546-1629


Social Media: @hempnotizeme

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Lady Lapelle

My name is Lady Lapelle 
I’m a Lady with many hats but with one mission. I’m a IFA Priestess and my spirituality means a lot to me and is important in my everyday living. I’m a
podcaster, spiritual advisor and a mompreneur. You choose the journey when crossing the path of this Queen. We all have a journey and you are in control of the path you take while walking this earth, make it worthwhile and live with substance. I can be sweet as candy or hot as fire and I have no problem telling you to "Mind Yo' Own Business"!

Get in Touch:

Lady Lapelle Enterprises

Phone Number: +1 863-280-1760


Social Media FB/IG: @ladylapelle / sierramorris

Simone McFarlane -Tucker

Hi lovie, I'm Simone, and I'm proud to be the founder and owner of Glamour Tag Consultation Services, LLC located in Auburndale, Florida. I am a soon-to-be bride as well as the mother of three beautiful children who are 18, 16, and 10 years old. My desire to operate a business was sparked by the birth of my first child at the age of 16, which taught me responsibility at a young age. I've been adjusting personal and commercial claims for about ten years, and I'm currently enrolled at WGU to complete my MBA. I'm a charismatic, fun-loving woman, and my passion has always been to help people be the best versions of themselves and step out of their comfort zones. But don't get it twisted, being the opinionated and "tell you it like it is" woman that I am, I don't have a problem telling you to "Mind Yo' Own Business"!

Get in Touch:

Glamour Tag Consultation Services, LLC


Address: 209 Palmetto Street, Suite 3

Auburndale, FL 33823

Phone Number: +1 866-856-GLAM(4526)


Social Media FB/IG: @glamourtag2022

TikTok: simonemcfarlane_2022


Quanda Forbes

Hi my name is Quanda and I am proud owner of Jewel House Entertainment “Home of ALL Parties & Events”. I’m also a lovely wife & mother of 4, better known as “SUPERWOMAN”. I have the strength of a LION, The look of a CAT, and the love of a TEDDYBEAR, I AM that one business woman you will never forget because my strength is POWER, my love is GOLD & my BEAUTY feeds the soul. I strive to perfect anything I touch, although, I know PERFECTION IS NOT A THING, it’s a desire that is never seen…. I know you’re eager to learn more about me & my business… you will, But, first allow me to teach you how to  “Mind Yo' OWN BUSINESS"!

Get in Touch:

Jewel House Entertainment


Address: 802 Ingraham Ave 
Haines City FL, 33844

Phone Number: +1 863-473-1372

Social Media FB&IG: @jewelhouseeentertainment

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring poise and strength to women by discussing real life experiences as  African American women with authority, energy, and boldness


Our Vision

Our vision is to bring awareness to our community and break generational curses and leave generational wealth for our families.

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